The domestic pet dog changed from the normal wolf 12,000 yrs ago, learn where it was created

Your home pet dog evolved from wolves, which is why it is a carnivore. This happened in very recent conditions.. find out precisely how and exactly why.


You may think that this topic has been over done by so many internet stories, but the genuinely interesting issue is that the majority of them do not refer to the authentic study document or what conclusions can be drawn.


There's also lots of sceptics out there who still will not trust in how the standard pet dog was created, nevertheless this investigation in 2009 just about gives all the information you need.


It was determined from mitochondrial DNA screening and checking the results of many dogs across many international locations that the origin of the evolution of the domestic dog can be focussed to about 10,000 to 16,000 years ago in a small province in China.


The science basically back tracks the number of standard genes different types of domestic dog have in common with the grey wolf. Research indicates that  about fifty wolves were the original founders of what we now label just as dogs.The research is fairly complicated but the research techniques are rigorous.


There is certainly no disputing the place only the exact time of the arrival of this brand new type of dog. The difficulty obviously lies in the fact the scientists could not have access to millions of pet dogs for testing due to obvious financial restraints.

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Healthy dogs playing
Healthy dogs playing