Affordable healthy meat dog treats are more than a treat

A swift browse of the internet will show you that there are a lot of people who are looking for dog treat recipes or low-cost dog treats. While this seems like a good idea, I can provide you with many very good reasons why it isn’t.


Firstly you should know, that just like good dog food, the very best dog treats are meat based dog treats. That is because dogs are carnivores, just as their wild dog cousins are and that signifies whenever or whatever an individual are supplying them will need to be meat based. When you research online dog treat formulas, you will typically find that they are structured on some kind of wheat, rice or other standard grain, not meat.


The reason for this is that grains along with flours are a lot easier to work with in the home due to the fact they don’t smell and you won’t have to acquire a whole bunch of meat and dry it yourself. Grains are also a whole lot less costly than meat from the shop, but what can that matter when your dog’s overall health is at stake?


What it also means is that you are making treats that a dog will eat, certainly not because it is beneficial for them, but because by mother nature, dogs are scavengers and the recipe will call for some sorts of flavoring that the average dog will delight in, despite that it is definitely not good for them.


You would probably also be aware that dogs like humans take pleasure in the taste of refined sugar, but not like humans this can be quite cancerous for dogs. Whether or not anyone uses ‘organic flour’ or ‘natural and organic peanut butter’ these are quite really hard to break down for your dog. Don’t make the blunder that countless omnivore owners make in believing it is great to feed their pet dogs something that they themselves would like to snack on. Dog’s digestive systems are thoroughly different from ours.



  • Wheat, rice, pasta, or fundamentally
  • Any vegetable based flours.
  • Any whole grains, ‘organic’ or otherwise
  • Excessive preservatives, salts and sugars, there are plenty naturally occurring in meat.




For the exact motive that dog treat recipes incorporate loads of flour and greens, BECAUSE THE MATERIALS ARE CHEAP and will make the GREATEST income for the company.


If you have been conditioned into getting pellets and canned dog foods that are based on wheat or rice, it is easy to be conditioned into imagining that this is what must be integrated in your dog’s treats. But bear in mind years ago the Surgeon General also considered smoking was ACCEPTABLE.


The trouble with the dog treat industry is that it affects individuals not directly, consequently it is less likely that anyone with adequate clout will ever be in a position to stand up for our dogs and bring about firms to stop peddling useless food on our pet dogs.



Healthy dogs playing
Healthy dogs playing